Hennington Testimonials

“There is no way that I will ever try a case without Hennington and Associates” John Walsh

“Dr. Hennington and his consultants are dedicated to going the extra mile to win cases. They always go beyond our expectations and it’s no surprise that we have never lost a case using Hennington and Associates.” Dennis Nourani

“When the odds are stacked against my clients the first call I always make is to Dr. Hennington because he knows the right jurors to select and how to persuade them to win cases.” Elliot Jacobson

"Our team (including CHP staff counsel) was very impressed by your work –especially on short notice. Your work, certainly, moved plaintiff to a settlement position that plaintiff and his counsel had not considered before trial." Supervising Deputy Attorney General, Oakland, CA

“Dr. Hennington is the best trial and jury consultant in the field. Period. I wouldn’t even consider trying a case without him and his staff members assisting me.” David Warrington

“I have used Hennington and Associates on every important case we have taken to trial and we have never lost a case working together!.” Lynn Davis

“Dr. Hennington knows the psychology of juror’s behaviors better than any expert in the field. To use another consultant would be just plain foolish.” Mark Mandel​

A Few Notable Cases

Andrew Toonas v. Tarzana Medical Center

Location: Pomona, CA
Plaintiff fell out of his bed and broke his vertebrae We represented the plaintiff.
Jury awarded: 3.5 million dollars!

State of Oklahoma v. Client confidential

Location: Tulsa Oklahoma
Represented the defendant (A Tulsa Police Officer) in a high profile manslaughter trial.
The defendant was acquitted of all charges against her.

San Bernadino Flood Control District v. San Bag Et. Al.

Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Client won a confidential settlement
Plaintiffs demand was north of 100 million dollars.

Barnett v. Westfield Corporation

Location: Santa Monica, Ca
Premises Liability Trial
12-0 Plaintiff verdict!
Plaintiff verdict of 3.1 million dollars!

Cabaluna v. Hoag Hospital

Location: Santa Ana, Ca
Wrongful Termination trial
Defense Verdict

Herbert v. Berman

Location: Newport Beach, Ca
Client won a confidential settlement
Plaintiff demand was north of $500,000.

Paregian v. Perez and E & M Trucking

Location: Bakersfield, Ca
Wrongful death claims
Plaintiff won a verdict of 15 million dollars.

Digerati Holdings vs Young Money Entertainment, LLC and Dwayne Michael Carter

Location Burbank, California
Favorable verdict
The potential exposure was 80 million dollars not including the potential for punitive damage awards. Very minimal damages were awarded.

Robbins v. Armington

Location: Key Largo, Florida
12-0 Defense verdict!
The potential exposure was 20 million dollars not including the potential for punitive damage awards.
0 damages were awarded and the plaintiff must pay for defendants legal expenses.

David & Pierson v. Hernandez

Location: Ventura, California
12-0 defense verdict
The potential exposure was $6 million dollars not including potential punitive damage awards. 0 damages were awarded and plaintiffs must pay defendants trial cost.

Casamento v. GIB

Location: Los Angeles, California
Confidential Case Settlement
The potential exposure was north of $5 million.

People v. Alexander Williams

Location: Manhattan, New York
Trial Result: Hung jury

State v. Hersel

Mr. Hersel was the client.Defense attorney Ron Bamieh. Client allegedly paid High School students to yell profanities, spit and slap his face. Hersel admitted paying teenage boys to physically and verbally abuse him, but denied there was anything sexual about it. Ventura County prosecutors said jurors deliberated less than an hour on Tuesday before finding Hersel not guilty on four counts of annoying and molesting a child.

People v. Andrew Gallo

Defendant killed California Angels Pitcher Nick Adenhart along with 2 other passengers and he severly injured another individual as a result of a DWI.

State of Arizona v. Douglas Grant

Defense Attorney Mel Mc Donald. Client allegedly killed wife by having her overdose on Ambien Meds.

State of New Jersey v. Jason Williams

Prosecutor Katharine Errickson. Ex NBA star shot and killed limo driver.

State of Idaho v. Richard “Dick” Phillips

Defense Attorney Michael Molfetta. Mr. Phillips was accused of numerous counts of sex w/underage girls & providing alcohol and was acquitted of all charges.

People v. Kim Cano

Defense Attorney Angelyn Gates. Ms. Cano allegedly shot and killed her CHP husband due to jealously that he was having an affair.

Catherine Bosley v. Larry Flynt & LFP INC.

Defense Attorney Jeffrey Manna. Defendant allegedly printed nude photos without Mrs. Bosley’s consent, also copyright claim.